4x4 Custom wood acrylic pour coaster 


All coasters can be customized up to 4 colors! 


These coasters are sealed with a food-safe, waterproof, and heat-resistant sealant. Please refrain from cutting food on the coasters and placing very hot items on them as they are meant for decorative purposes.



Custom Pour (Black, Lavander, Royal Blue, and Baby Blue) Custom Pour (White, Teal, Golden Rod)

Holiday Tree 

Custom Acrylic Pour Coaster

Coaster Type
  • Color Options:

    - Black

    - White 

    - Red

    - Lavender 

    - Plum 

    - Yellow 

    - Gold

    - Silver 

    - Teal

    - Forest Green 

    - Baby Blue 

    - Royal Blue 

    - Navy Blue 

    - Blush Pink 

    - Golden Rod 

    - Chocolate Brown 

    - Maroon 


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